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Managing Self and Time Teachers' Manual EL

This manual accompanies the Study Right Managing Self and Time elementary student workbook, a 26-page workbook intended to teach self-management skills to students in grades 4-6. Managing Self and Time discusses five aspects of self management: setting goals and priorities, getting organized, completing assignments, maintaining physical and mental fitness, and taking personal responsibility for learning.


The Managing Self and Time Teacher's Manual is designed to help your students become good stewards of their time and talents and achieve their maximum potential in school. Before students can do their best listening in class, reading textbooks, using resources, taking class notes, writing papers, and preparing for and taking tests, they must learn to be efficient in their use of time, their most valuable resource, and organization of the space and materials used in learning.

This manual divides the workbook material into seventeen 15-20 minute lessons. Each lesson outline includes learning objectives, student and teacher materials, content overview, suggested teaching methods, evaluation ideas, and examples of integrated Biblical principles. All Scripture references are based on the King James Version of the Bible. Supplementary ideas and reproducible handouts are also included.

Price: $42.95