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Integrating Scripture with Academics

This 66-page manual provides 10-12 hours of inservice training. More importantly, this manual will help teachers learn the relationship between Bible truths and specific academic facts and concepts.

This unique manual addresses a subject often talked about, but seldom addressed in Christian education—Biblical integration. Biblical integration, as viewed from a Christian education perspective, brings together two separate parts, the Bible and an academic subject (any subject) to make a whole. In this sense, each subject finds its fullest meaning and use when examined in light of a theistic worldview. Biblical integration operates on the premise that the Bible is God’s Truth, that the Bible provides the basis for unifying knowledge, and that the Bible can be extended to all subject areas. Biblical integration is more than reading a few Bible verses, asking for prayer requests, and giving a one- to two-minute devotional challenge.

A Teacher’s Guide to Integrating Scripture with Academics provides teachers with Bible- and subject-related knowledge in reading, language, math, science, and history. The activities will challenge teachers to analyze textual concepts, to analyze Scripture, and to apply Scriptural truths to selected subject areas.

Price: $15.00