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Writing Goals & Objectives

This 42-page workbook provides approximately 3 hours of inservice training.

Most teachers know what they want to achieve academically before the school year begins. These achievement expectations are thought of as goals and measurable statements called “target performance objectives” or “learning outcomes.” Goals and target performance objectives provide a way for teachers to develop a plan that identifies the facts, details, and ideas a student should learn in any grade and in any subject. Though writing measurable objectives takes time, the increase in student learning and creative thinking makes it worthwhile.

Teachers of all grade levels and subjects will:

  • Understand the educational value of goals and target performance objectives.
  • View target performance objectives as a teaching guide.
  • Learn three ways to format target performance objectives.
  • Learn the errors to avoid in writing goals and target performance objectives
  • Teach and test to objectives.

Price: $15.00