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6 Levels of Learning

Rote memory learning is over emphasized in many classrooms. Teachers and textbooks alike often minimize the value of higher-level thinking. Interestingly, research has consistently verified this observation. Whereas rote memory is a vital component in all learning environments, so is higher-level learning. The key is balance. From a teacher’s perspective, this requires writing and asking valid and reliable test questions at six different and separate learning levels.

This staff development manual provides administrators with approximately 2-3 hours of inservice training.

As teachers work through this manual they will learn:

  • To identify the six levels of cognitive learning.
  • To describe the six levels of cognitive learning.
  • To write and ask questions on the six levels of cognitive learning.
  • To identify the learning level of a cognitive question.
  • To determine the distinct differences between the six types of cognitive questions.
  • To develop thinking skills.

Price: $15.00