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Listening & Participating in Class Teachers' Manual EL

This teacher’s manual accompanies the Study Right Elementary Listening and Participating in Class student workbook intended to aid in teaching listening and class participation skills.


Listening and Participating in Class discusses the methods, skills, and techniques which make one a better listener and speaker. Students are provided a variety of exercises to practice and develop their listening and speaking skills.

The Listening and Participating in Class teacher’s manual divides the workbook material into sixteen 15-20 minute lessons. This is an average time frame. Some lessons may be completed in as little as ten minutes, while others may need 25 (especially those involving group work). Work at a speed comfortable to you and your class. Each lesson outline includes learning objectives, student and teacher materials, content overview, suggested teaching methods, evaluation ideas, and examples of integrated Biblical principles. All Scripture references are based on the King James Version of the Bible. Supplementary ideas and reproducible handouts are also included.

Price: $42.95