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Study Right

Students need to identify their personal strengths and weaknesses by learning how to take an honest look at their personal study habits and how to analyze themselves as they really are, not as they think they are. Students need to practice good study habits if they are to reach their learning potential. A teacher’s touch enhances this process. Study Right study skills gives students the skills they need to reach their learning potential.

Student Planners

A student planner helps a student keep track of assignments and activities. Our student planners are unique in that they challenge students to take personal responsibility for learning by promoting good study habits, and by emphasizing organizational and time-management skills. Our Student Planners also encourage students to spend personal time with God and to read the suggested Bible verses daily. Student Planners are spiral bound and available in two sizes and can be customized to include your school's student handbook. Contact us for more information.

Staff Development

Every principal is looking for new ideas for productive staff meetings. Our professional, easy-to-use instructional workbooks offer principals just what they need. With these materials, principals can challenge their teachers to new levels of professional growth. The topics deal with key educational concepts that all teachers should know and apply in their classrooms. In addition, limited preparation time is required on the part of the principal to lead these discussions.   

Our Mission Is Simple

Christian schools should reject mediocrity, striving always to improve student achievement, to improve teacher effectiveness, and to advance organizational efficiency.

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