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Regardless of the size of your school or the curriculum you are using, our materials will improve your students’ academic performance. Three words summarize our educational materials—affordable, practical, and useable. We provide Christian schools with outstanding classroom and administrative products at a reasonable cost. Helping Christian schools is why we exist. We are committed to doing this for you, and we stand behind our commitment, our service, and our products.

Your school faculty should spend time discussing some “key” study skills questions; the dialogue will produce insightful ideas. Take time to discuss each question. This learning process will serve the faculty well as they respond to their duties and responsibilities.

•          How will a study skills program improve our students’ study habits?

•          What does research say about study skills instruction?

•          Who will teach what skills at what grade levels?

•          How can study skills preparation time be minimized for the study skills teachers?

•          Will study skills be taught in conjunction with a subject or as a stand-alone course?

•          Is there a study skills program designed for Christian Schools?

•          Will the gifted and learning impaired students be able to benefit from the program?

•          How can the faculty reinforce study skills across the curriculum?

•          What assessment strategies will be used to measure the program’s effectiveness?

•          What is the cost of a study skills program?

•          Will parents support a study skills program?

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Teaching Tip

Schools have two options for teaching study skills: incorporate study skills into the existing curriculum and classes, or teach study skills as a separate course. A typical Study Right “study skill” includes 15-19 lessons; one lesson a week takes a semester to complete, two lessons a week takes nine weeks. If the lessons are taught daily, a study skill can be completed in three to four weeks.