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Our Mission Is Simple
Christian schools develop their own curricular frameworks, write their own goals and objectives, develop their own scope and sequences and design their own testing procedures.
TAKE TENN Publications exists to provide Christian schools with quality, Bible-based academic materials that challenge students to achieve at their learning potential and help teachers in their professional development. Each of our products has been used and appraised by the most knowledgeable Christian educators in America—classroom teachers. Our materials have been found to be effective in improving both student performance and teacher effectiveness.
Affordable. Practical. Useable.
These words summarize our educational materials. We provide Christian schools with quality classroom and administrative products at a reasonable cost.
TAKE TENN Publications offers a variety of student aids and classroom materials that will help improve your school.  We are committed to you, and we stand behind our commitment and our products. The responses we have received regarding our products can be summarized in one phrase, “Outstanding Bible-based, practical, and well-produced materials.”