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Study Right is a study skills program designed to help students learn how to study. The goal of all teaching is motivating students to learn at their potential. Good study habits will help your students achieve this goal. Learning how to study is too important to be left to chance or to an occasional reference in a textbook. Study skills must be taught if they are to be learned; they must be learned if they are to be used naturally by students.

Study Right was written for Christian schools. Each study skill includes Bible principles that reinforce the need for learning how to study. Biblical integration is the incorporation of Scripture and Biblical principles into classroom material. The Study Right lesson plans include Biblical integration suggestions throughout each lesson.

Study Right will improve your students' test scores and strengthen their learning and study habits.

Study Right is user-friendly for both teachers and students.

Study Right provides teachers with a structured study skills curriculum that fits easily into a school's curriculum framework and takes only a minimal amount of time to teach.

Study Right is designed for grades four through nine, the teachers in these grades need to understand the design of Study Right and work together to make Study Right accomplish its intended potential. By using study skills in all classes with all teachers, students gain the most benefit from study skills instruction.