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Are you teaching your students how to study or just telling them to study? There is a difference.

The learning process involves more than simply telling students to study harder and longer; it involves equipping students with the knowledge and strategies they need to learn. 

Some students in your school perform below their learning potential simply because they do not know how to study effectively. More and more Christian schools are realizing the need for an intensive study skills program for their students, not only in the upper grades and in college, but also in the elementary and junior high grades as well. Study Right provides teachers with structured study skills materials and suggested teaching strategies that fit comfortably into your curriculum's framework.

Junior High Study Right consists of 8 student workbooks for grades seven, eight, and nine.  A teacher’s manual supports each workbook.  The teacher’s manuals contain step-by-step guidelines and subject content for teachers to use in preparing and teaching each lesson.  The manuals present the lessons in an easy-to-follow format; reproducible handouts can be used at the teacher’s discretion.  Each lesson includes Biblical truths that are integrated with the lesson’s objectives.  The number of lessons for each study skill ranges from 15 to 18; each lesson takes 15 to 25 minutes to teach.

The teacher controls the amount of time it takes to teach a lesson.  A lesson that exceeds 25 minutes is longer than intended.  The administration and the study skills teacher determine when and how many lessons are taught weekly. Several options are available:
    •    Teach one lesson each week (15 to 25 minutes per week); a study skill can be completed in one semester or less.  
    •    Teach two lessons each week (15 to 25 minutes, two times a week); a study skill can be completed in nine weeks or less.
    •    Teach one lesson a day (15 to 25 minutes per day); a study skill can be taught in 16 to 18 days. 
    •    Teach two to three lessons a day (two to three lessons in a 50-minute class period); a study skill can be taught in six to ten days.
    •    Schedule lessons to meet varied class schedules and curricular demands.

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