Study Right Study Skills

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Study Right study skills will teach students to take personal responsiblity for learning. Students will also learn how to study smarter instead of harder. This will boost students’ self-confidence in school. Equipped with the right attitude and the determination to succeed, any student can do better in his or her studies. Clearly, a positive mind-set, hard work, and a feeling of self-worth heightens success in school.


Teachers have two options for teaching study skills: incorporate study skills into the existing curriculum and classes, or teach study skills as a separate course. A typical Study Right "study skill" includes 15-19 lessons; one lesson a week takes a semester to complete, two lessons a week takes nine weeks. If the lessons are taught daily, a study skill can be completed in three or four weeks.

Students need to identify their personal strengths and weaknesses by learning how to take an honest look at their personal study habits and how to analyze themselves as they really are, not as they think they are. Students need to practice good study habits if they are to reach their learning potential. A teacher’s touch enhances this process. Study Right study skills will give students the skills they need to reach their learning potential.


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