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Why Teach Study Skills?

There are a variety of answers to this question but one important fact is that research indicates that many students perform poorly in their studies because they never learned how to study. Standardized test scores substantiate this fact.

Teaching students how to study is as important as teaching the subject matter of a course. Study skills help students achieve not only in school work but also in their Christian lives.

Administrators want their students to achieve in their studies and to enjoy school life. Teachers share the same goals-to equip all students to do their very best, to guide all students to achieve at their learning potential, and to help all students to enjoy their school experiences. These worthy goals are best evidenced by students who make good grades and display positive attitudes about learning. The learning process involves more than simply telling students to study harder and longer; it involves equipping students with the knowledge and strategies they need to learn. These strategies are called study skills.

Until Christian educators recognize the value of teaching students how to study and energetically support the implementation of a structured study skills program in their schools, most students will continue to be deficient in their study skills development. Study Right can correct this deficiency; it need not remain unaddressed any longer.

Study Right will provide your students with the study skills they need to enrich their learning. Enriched study habits mean improved learning; improved learning means improved grades and improved retention of knowledge. This is why the learning of study skills should not be left to chance, even though some students may discover some study skills without formal study skills instruction. Most students need study skills instruction from teachers who understand the relationship of effective studying to learning and who are willing to invest time in teaching their students this relationship.
Instructional-minded principals and teachers constantly watch for educational materials that will improve the teaching/learning process. They want their students to learn; if they can provide a means that improves learning, they respond positively and quickly.

If a student learns how to learn when he is young, he will most likely become a lifetime learner. Teachers collectively work together to equip students with the knowledge and skills they need for a lifetime of learning-a life made up of both academic and spiritual learning. Study Right will help you and your teachers achieve these goals.

Study Right was written for an important purpose-to assist Christian educators, like yourself, to teach students how to improve their school performances.  Study Right provides teachers with a structured study skills curriculum that easily fits into a school's curriculum framework; and, to the teacher's delight, it takes only a minimal amount of time to teach. Each teacher's manual and accompanying student workbook are user-friendly and flexible for both teachers and students. For these reasons Study Right has become the teacher's dream for teaching study skills.